About Birmingham IA


About Birmingham IA

The Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association, known as IA, has been specialising in supporting people living with an ileostomy since 1956.

IA is a network of local groups offering local support to its membership, their families and carers, from coffee mornings and trips to information days and talks. In addition to IA’s flagship visiting service, where we endeavour to match patient to visitor in terms of age, gender, surgery and lifestyle preferences, IA offers a range of other services such as literature, a quarterly magazine, financial support to its membership, educational events and a voice to represent the patient living with an ileostomy or internal pouch.

The majority of the volunteers supporting Birmingham IA are themselves living life after surgery. Not only do IA volunteers offer support,  they can offer the lived experience – something tremendously valuable to our members and those considering surgery when faced with such a difficult decision to make.

Back in 1956, recognising the need to provide peer support to people living with an ileostomy, surgeon Bryan Brooke identified that people undergoing ileostomy surgery could benefit from talking to others who had been through a similar experience. Following an agreed introduction between patients to discuss life with an ileostomy, the foundations of IA’s visiting service were formed and on 14 April 1956, at the QE Hospital, Birmingham, the founding members asked Professor Bryan Brooke to become IA’s founder President. On that day the first UK stoma support group, known as QT, was formed, which would later become Ileostomy Association. IA will forever remain thankful for their foresight over 60 years ago to recognise the benefit that peer support would bring. Support from people who have been through a similar experience has been at the heart of IA’s visiting service ever since.

Birmingham IA is a friendly and supportive group for ileostomists throughout the West Midlands, making contact with members through visits, one-to-one contacts, by phone or email, Zoom calls and through larger members' meetings and Information days which take place across the city. For more information, contact the Chair of Birmingham IA, Mike Jameson: mikejameson@iasupport.org