Internal Pouch


Internal Pouch

Birmingham IA’s Internal Pouch group

Birmingham IA has a thriving, friendly group of members with Internal Pouches. There are Birmingham IA members of all ages with J-pouches, K-pouches and W-pouches, so between us we have a lot of experience of pouch life!

The Birmingham IA Pouch group meets regularly on Zoom, offering a safe, confidential space for those with pouches and those who are considering surgery to talk about any pouch issues.  Pouch members are well represented on the Birmingham IA Committee, with two members having pouches.  We held a very successful  pouch sessions at our Birmingham IA Information Day in 2022, supported by two colorectal surgeons and a specialist pouch nurse, and look forward to doing the same in 2023.

Support for Pouch members is also available from National IA. There are dedicated Information days for Pouch members and a private Facebook group, IA Pouch Pals, where pouchies post to seek advice and also to offer support to others. 

The National IA Pouch group also holds monthly Zoom Social Evenings, usually on Wednesdays. This is a great opportunity to chat with other pouchies and to share advice. Links for these are below and on our Events page.

Internal Pouch Zoom Social Evening Weds 26th October

Internal Pouch Social Evening Weds 30th Nov

The National IA website also has links to booklets about pouch life, links to presentations by surgeons and specialist pouch nurses from previous Information Days. See the link below.

National IA's Pouch page

If you have a pouch, or you're thinking about Pouch surgery and would like to chat to someone from Birmingham IA,  just send us a message through our Contact Us box and we will be in touch.