Financial Support


Financial Support


Financial Support for those with an Ileostomy or Ileoanal Pouch

One of the many difficulties that can face any of us when living with chronic illness or disability is being able to work.  Understandably this can leave someone suffering financially and being unable to purchase the necessities that many who are able to work take for granted.

If you are faced with being unable to work, have to work reduced hours or receive limited income, please explore what financial benefits are available to you from the state. This can be complex depending on individual situations and for that reason we do not offer specific guidance or advice on state benefits. IA strongly recommends you speak with your local Citizen’s Advice who can give you specific, up to date advice about your own particular circumstances.

IA Grants:  IA offers small grants to its members who are living with an ileostomy or an internal pouch and who are struggling financially to purchase a much-needed item. Details of conditions for applications and how to apply are on the website below.

IA Financial Support

The Kingston Trust was established as a Charity in 1962 and provides financial support for patients with ileostomies and Internal pouches who are aged 16 and over.

For further information and for Grant Application forms, follow the link below.

The Kingston Trust

The Florence Minnie Lees Bequest Fund  ……..  A helping hand for ostomists and internal pouch patients ....

The Florence Minnie Lees Bequest Fund was established in 1982 after receiving a gift from the will of Mrs Lees. It is used for welfare and charitable purposes to benefit stoma and ileoanal pouch patients.  For further information, please follow the link below.

The Florence Minnie Lees Bequest Fund