Helping Ostomists in Ukraine


Helping Ostomists in Ukraine

It began in March this year when we received an email asking for new, unopened ostomy supplies to help those in the Ukraine who were desperately struggling to get hold of such items. Various charities and addresses of where to send these items were provided.

I spoke with Mike Jameson, our Chairman, and suggested I would be more than happy to arrange this. We agreed to email our Birmingham members to ask if they had any spare unwanted supplies which they could send directly to me or bring to one of our coffee mornings. The company I work for was more than happy to pay for the have them sent out in one batch, to save our members paying any postage.

I would personally like to say a massive thank you to all our Birmingham IA members who contributed, and I’m pleased to report that a very large box of supplies was despatched to the Polish Integration Support Centre where they take the supplies straight in to the worst hit parts of the Ukraine the following week. Another very special THANKYOU is due to my AMAZING friend Suzanne, who knew what I was doing and mentioned it to her aunt Carol who had a connection with someone who had an ostomy. A few days later, Suzanne contacted me to say that she had some supplies for us and that she would deliver them at the weekend. (Suzanne lives in Farnham, Surrey and her aunt Carol lives in Welshpool, Wales, so not exactly on the doorstep!!) The supplies arrived and were very well received over a coffee or two.

Back in August I had another phone call from Suzanne saying her Aunt Carol had provided another load of supplies which she would deliver in October. When she said a load, she wasn’t joking! Her Aunt Carol had mentioned the appeal to her neighbours, who decided off their own back to go and buy some medical supplies from the local supermarkets. What amazing people! A further email went out to Birmingham IA members and yet again they didn’t disappoint.

So, another very large box will be leaving here this week (October 7th) for the Polish Integration Support Centre. I had a phone conversation with them today and it will be dispatched once again from there to the Ukraine.

Again, a massive thank you to the Birmingham IA members who contributed and again, a very special THANK YOU to my AMAZING friend Suzanne and her equally amazing aunt Carol. And of course, a special thankyou to Aunt Carol’s neighbours for their generous contributions.

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